Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Day3 - Meet the entrepreneurs

startup folks, ranging from gaming to online videos to genetics....the opportunities here for growth are endless....amazing entrepreneurs

Day3 - Lunch

at a very exclusive restaurant (need to add name). It was a private location reserved for goverment officials only (of high rank ofcourse). This is where several of the North-South talks were held. Now a restaurant for the exclusive (ofcourse us!!!)... :)

Day3 - Morning cultural experience

at local palace and museums

Day2 - Singing on the bus and singing in the bar

what started in the bus....ended in the bar later...long night, good times...

Day2 - Tmax R&D

watch out IBM, ORCL & SAP! there guys are coming to get you. Korea's largest software firm, looking to go global...

They also treated us to an AMAZING dinner (Korean Hot put style - drop raw meat and vegetables in a broth and eat it with sauces)...

Day2 - Ubiquitous house

We saw the house of the future (or not so far future in Korea), computer operated house controls, RFID chips telling you about food in the fridge, cool speakers and home entertainment systems, things on the street that allow you to scan ads and locate stores in the area to buy the products, robots (some creepier than others, better than Rosie from the Jetsons!!!), the list keeps going on....

they took a picture of us when we came in (see below) and on the way out, we were given tose pics, framed!!!!

Day2 - Davie Catch gets cold called

If you thought that cold calling was fair game only in school, you were wrong!!!! The Minister cold called our dear mate, Davie Catch to answer the question "why has Korea been successful in developing the amazing internet related infrastructure". Mr. Catch did us proud. His answer was better than the ones we are used to hearing at the GSB!! Thanks for doing us proud Davie......

Davie Catch taking a breath after being cold called by the Minister